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About Us

India is a land of diverse cultures, races and tongues; a world enriched with a multi-cultural past. The cuisine is influenced not only by religion, geographical location but also by India’s many visitors and invaders from all over the world. From the four corners of the world they came, the Mughals from Persia, the Portuguese, the British, the French, the Chinese, and the Turks. Each of these adventurers brought their own unique flavours. They settled in India for many reasons; some came to conquer, while others migrated. But whatever their reason for coming to India, the blending of this eclectic collection of cultures has created the Indian cuisine of today.

With fresh, deep, delicious flavors and varied textures, Indian cuisine today is an integral part of U.K. cuisine. Curry takeaways are more popular today than traditional English fish and chips.

Curry is now becoming a staple of the North American diet. This is in party due to the influences of Food TV programs and current research that promotes curry as a healthy addition to a well balanced diet.

We, at Sybil’s, provide a wide range of Curry Pastes, Pickles, Curry Powders and Chutneys. Our products give you the ease to prepare, healthy and delicious or as my mom would put it 'Mouth Droolin', Finger Lickin’ Indian dishes.

Our Family

My mom Sybil, my dad Felix and I came directly from Mumbai, India to Peterborough, Canada. As our family was here in Peterborough, we decided to settle and made Peterborough our home.

Sybil, My Mom, The Boss

This is where I get to pay credit where credit is due. When we arrived in Canada the economy was bad and jobs were hard to find. Running out of options for jobs mom took her ingenuity, love for cooking and the advice of friends and went to Peterborough Farmers’ Market; where she began selling her food. She started with a small selection of products, praying that she could cover the stall fees. As time passed and the demand for her food grew, she expanded and added more products.

Many people were kind and willing to give it a try. One thing led to another and here we are. It’s been a long road from the days when as a young bride, Mom did not know how to make rice. She would run to her mom, my Dad’s mom, his aunt and friends etc. asking them how to make curries. It’s true what they say "God works in mysterious ways".

Let the record state that Sybil’s is where it is today because of Mom and her recipes. She would argue that and say Sybil’s is where it is today because of our loyal customers.

I prepare her recipes every week. Sometimes, I screw them up and voila…, a new recipe is created!

Felix, My Dad

An auto mechanic by trade Felix has worked all over the world for Kings and peasants working on everything from Rolls-Royces to K cars. Always cheerful even after working 10 to 12 hours a day through the week and he would still come home and help my mom. When he retired and had extra time on his hands he found a new hobby, helping mom. He took off his coverall, put on an apron and traded in his tool box for a chef’s knife. He calls himself 'The Quality Control Manager' and we just quietly smile and nod.

Me, Delano, aka "D"

What can I say about myself? Some of my earliest memories are of cooking in the kitchen with my mom. I started out making simple things such as Poori and Masala prawns. I am sure that I was more destructive than productive at that point but my mom encouraged me and gave me positive feedback. I thought I was poised to become the next Gordon Ramsey or Bobby Flay… I know better than to think like that now. As Mom’s business flourished and expanded, I wanted to work with her. Always a wise woman, she recommended instead that I get a college education. She wanted me to expand my horizons and be sure that’s where I want to be before settling down to join the family business. So I did… and loved every second of it. After graduating from college, on the advice of one of my professors, I joined the work force. This allowed me to as he put it "make your mistakes on someone else’s dollar". I worked for a while, but preferred being my own boss and choosing my own hours. In my heart, I knew where I really belonged. Finally, I was ready and jumped on the band wagon. Today, I run the business, well… try to anyway!

My Mom’s Testimony

Without the support and encouragement from my husband and son "Sybil’s" wouldn’t have lasted long. It’s all about team work.

Our Collective Testimony

Shukriya - Thank You

Without the support of our customers, some who are now like family and them having adventurous, courageous and daring pallets to try our food and spread the word around, we must say 'Shukriya, Dhanyawad', 'Thank you'. We love you all!