Sybil’s Vindaloo Curry Paste

Vindaloo Curry Paste - hot

A Word about Vindaloo Curry Paste from my Mom

This is another flavor explosion curry paste. Vindaloo originated in Goa, a region on the West Coast of India, where my husband is from. Goa was ruled by the Portuguese till 1960 and the name Vindaloo is derived from the Portuguese dish “Carne de Vinha d’Alhos”, which means meat of wine and garlic. In Goa it is made with pork 3 to 4 days ahead for special occasions like Christmas and weddings. Instead of wine we use ‘feni’ (cashew liquor). At the end of cooking time 3 to 4 green chillies are normally added to spike up the heat to the 3rd degree.

Heat Level

This product is very spicy! Hot


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