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Testimonial – Barry Davidson

Every Saturday morning for the last 10(?) years I’ve waited to have my breakfast at Sybil’s at the Farmers’ Market. I’m always greeted with a beautiful smile from Sybil, and Felix and I usually share a joke or two. And Delano and I talk recipes and fusion.

Her chicken tikka roll-ups are my favourite finger food as are her somosas…..yum! I’ve spread the news so far and wide that I find I’m often competing with my friends for that last chicken tikka! Fortunately for me, after noting my palpable disappointment, Sybil and Felix now hold one back and save it for me.

It’s so nice to have friends like that.

At home I enjoy their line of preserves. Last night my wife was going out after dinner so we decided on a quick meal. We stir-fried some veggies and threw in some left-over chicken with a couple of generous dollops of Sybils Green Curry Paste and a couple cups of chicken stock. We served it on penne pasta (talk about fusion) !5 minutes prep, 30 minutes to cook….and voila!.. gourmet quality dinner! I also enjoy Sybil’s Ginger Chutney on a cracker with cheddar cheese for an appetizer…mmmmmmm!

Thank you so much Sybil my Queen of Samosas, Felix prince consort and Delano, crown prince of fusion! You make my Saturdays special.

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