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Testimonial – Stephen Miller

I wasn’t much for hot food. In fact I couldn’t even stand Tabasco sauce, so I would assume that people will understand when I say that I was a little bit reluctant to try authentic East Indian cuisine. All that changed while I was attending Fleming College. One Saturday a couple of my roommates and I decided to visit the Peterborough Farmers Market, and that’s when I met the D’Silvas. Upon the urging if some friends I reluctantly tried their Green Curried Pork, and much to my surprise, it was amazingly delicious. It wasn’t hot, it was more flavourful than anything, not like anything I had ever tried before. Throughout the next couple of months, I tried the majority of what they had on the lower level of the spice range. Everything I tried, I loved!

Their food is amazing. After I graduated, I moved to waterloo for work, and I still craved that flavour. There were some decent East Indian restaurants in that area and believe me I tried em all, but none of it came close to the food that was made by the D’Silvas.

I was extremely excited when I learned that you can order their products online. I can now cook this amazing for myself at a fraction of the cost of a restaurant.I have used their butter chicken paste, and I got amazing results using the recipe on the side of the jar, and the best part is, if you are having problems, all you have to do is call!

I have also used their home made soya sauce when barbequing steaks. I can honestly say that I have never had such a delicious steak, without smothering it in Steak Spice.

I would recommend Sybil’s, to anyone. They have something for everyone spicy or more bland, and if you are having trouble using their products, or need recipe ideas, they are always willing to share.

Looking back, I am glad I had the kind of friends I did, because I would have never known true flavour, without their urging.

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